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Streetpadel is considered one of the best padel stores, its extensive catalog, its customer service and above all the attention and advice of its professionals, professionals who are proven in the world of padel tennis, who will always offer us the most appropriate to our needs.

The best padel offers, prices and gifts on a large selection of products

We find the best padel offers, the best price guaranteed in each of our products. In addition, a wide selection of our products include padel gifts that complement the purchase of our shovel or shoes.

Padel rackets, shoes, textiles, or padel bags wide selection of brands for all types of players

We have the widest selection of rackets, textiles, shoes or padel bags, the main brands with the most demanded in the market. With a catalog that covers the needs of all players, depending on their level, but also depending on their style of play.

Padel rackets online

Special characteristics of a padel racket: Technology and innovation are two factors that have catapulted the production of the best padel rackets to a new technological level. In fact, all the rackets that you can see have a variety of special features, such as grips, overgrips, energy conversion technology, designs, shapes, etc.

Each brand may have a different approach to the presentation of these blades, but it cannot be denied that the difficulty in choosing can be a handicap.

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Online offers in padel rackets

You can find offers on rackets directly by clicking on one of our banners or subscribing to our mailing list to send you our exclusive offers for subscribers. Despite a lower price, the quality is always more than enough to enter or take new steps towards a higher level in padel.

Padel rackets depending on our style of play

Power rackets::For players who mainly base their game on force blows, in this case the Adidas Adipower Attk 1.9,stands out, or like the Bullpadel Hack 2019.In this case the player profile is an experienced player who renounces some control by having the most power in your hands.

Control rackets: : There are also a large number of players who prefer to have the best control in their hands, a padel racket with which to perform high precision strokes. In this case we find the:Bullpadel Hack Control 2019   launched in 2018, we also find the Adidas Adipower Ctrl 1.9,they are two of the best to put the ball wherever we decide. The player profile is broader than power rackets, a player who enjoys precision and who does not renounce padel to hit the ball hard.

Balanced rackets:: They are characterized by a perfect balance between control and power, with great performance in all game situations, we find in this case, the Star Vie Metheora,an exceptional racket with which to enjoy in all game situations , also the The Vibora Yarara Edition Liquid, with which any hit can be the winner.

Padel rackets for players of all levels

Inexpensive padel rackets

Despite a lower price, the quality is always more than enough to enter or take new steps towards a higher level in padel.

Initiation level:: hese are blades that stand out for their wide sweet spot and their round shape, as well as low weight to ensure correct progress in the players game. Ideal for beginner level players, the Adidas Match 1.9,or the Nox One C5 two perfect rackets to start in the world of padel tennis.

Medium level: Medium level are characterized by being blades with better performance, high performance that can also be used for advanced level players. It differs in the manufacturing materials, in its durability and performance.. Perfect rackets for intermediate level players could be the Varlion Lw Carbon Hexagon 6 or the Head Graphene Touch Delta Pro, two blades with which to play also when we reach a higher level of play.

Advanced level: The rackets for advanced players are manufactured with the most innovative and highest quality materials.Currently they are manufactured with materials such as graphene, carbon fiber, or titanium, materials that ensure the best performance on the track, but also durability. For high-level players, it could be the Siux Pegasus Luxury, considered the best of the moment, or the Head Graphene 360 Alpha Pro an exceptional performance racket,, manufactured to provide great power in each stroke.

Junior padel rackets, design, quality and price

There are more and more rackets aimed at children on the market.All the big brands have manufactured rackets aimed at the smallest padel players. Adapted to their level of play, with a lower weight and a wide sweet spot, manufactured with the purpose of ensuring the correct evolution of children on padel..

Sneakers from the best brands with the widest discounts

One of the most important elements of padel are shoes, our future performance and fun depends on their correct choice. The shoes will allow us to move around the court safely, achieving a great gaming experience.

A good choice of sole is important.. At present, the most used sole on padel courts is the herringbone sole, this sole ensures grip, but it will also be easy to slide down the court to reach balls of great difficulty.

You enter the best-selling footwear are the Asics padelshoes, or the Adidas padel shoes.

Padel shoes

Every padel player understands that to ensure that he is always ahead of the game, he needs to be focused. We have received the best products from various international brands such as Puma, Adidas, Nike, Babolat, Asics, Dunlop, HEAD, the list goes on. You will not find such an extensive collection of various shoe brands in one place and at such an affordable price.

We continue to offer several attractive discounts to our customers so that they can take home the best shoes, without emptying their pockets, since the products we have are of authentic quality. We supply only the best brand name and high quality products.

Padel bags, an essential element to play padel tennis

The padel bags is another of the essential elements to play padel, in our category of padel bags we can find padel bags, bags and backpags. The best padel tennis brands manufacture paleteros that cover the needs of all padel tennis players.

Players who need a large pallet to carry shoes, clothing and several rackets, to players who only need a bag to carry the racket. A whole range of padel bags with the best designs on the market and manufactured with high quality materials that guarantee us great durability.

Padel clothing, variety for men and women

The main padel brands manufacture textiles for padel players.. This textile has been manufactured to ensure freedom of movement, breathability and great comfort.

It exists in the padel textile market with designs to the taste of all players, from classic style clothing with classic a padel clothing with striking colors and shapes.. A wide catalog of t-shirts, skirts, shorts, sweatshirts or jackets, all at the best price we can find.

Streetpadel, the best online padel store, the best prices with a great service.

In Streetpadel we give you all the information about the world of padel.

¿What is padel and how is it played?

Padel is a sport that is played in pairs on a 20x10 meter track. For the development of the game, some blades are used, usually carbon. Here you can see a sample of the best padel rackets.

What is the difference between padel and tennis??

The main difference is the size of the surface. The tennis court measures 24x11 meters approx. The padel 20x10. Another feature is between the racket and the padel racket. Our blog has all the information you need. Our blog has all the information you need.

When and where was padel invented?

It was invented in Mexico by the hand of Enrique Corcuera, specifically in Acapulco in 1969.

How long is the net of a padel court?

The net has a width equal to the width of the track, that is, 10 meters.

How are points counted on padel?

The scoring system is the same as in tennis. The match is structured in points, games and sets. The pair that first reaches 3 sets wins.

How much does it cost to build a padel court?

During 2019 the price range was around 12,000 Euro and 16,000 Euro.